Redefining Design: Tui Lifestyle

Luxe bedroom

Tui Lifestyle is fast making its name as a pioneer in the design world. Started merely seven years ago, the brand has already become a worldwide sensation among both private homeowners and development groups. Led by President and CEO Jason Atkins, Tui Lifetyle has established itself with showrooms in seven countries and 14 different cities. The reason behind its quick success? Tui Lifestyle has revolutionized the developer-designer relationship, they ship within 72 hours of order placement and offer a full refund if a customer wants to return items within 72 hours. This is an unheard of customer service policy on both ends of the transaction.

Starting with Tui Lifestyle’s inception in 2008, the company has gone about things a little differently. Launching the business in partnership with Related Group’s Icon Brickell project, Atkins began a history of working with developers that continues today in a big way. In the first six months, Tui Lifestyle was involved in 10 different projects with Related Group, including the Harbour House at Bal Harbour, 500 Brickell, The Plaza and 50 Biscayne. Recently, Tui Lifestyle took its close relationship with developers to another level with a new design partnership program. With the program, Tui Lifestyle acts as the designer and furniture provider for new developments.


Jason Atkins Living Room

“There’s a huge trend in the high-rise condominium market,” Atkins says. “Everything’s coming furnished. So what better company for a developer to partner with than Tui?” Potential buyers are often wowed by the beauty of perfectly designed and furnished show models. Now, they can easily recreate that same great look that is ready and waiting for them when they move in. It is a turnkey, ready-made home with luxury furniture, decorative accessories and lifestyle amenities right down to “fresh pressed linens and towels,” says Atkins. “This helps the developer really deliver the dream that they’re trying to sell.”

Tui Lifestyle’s newest project in Miami is NINE Mary Brickell, the 34-story luxury condominium by Starwood Capital Group. Unlike most projects, for which Tui Lifestyle uses existing collections, a brand new collection was created for NINE. Tui Lifestyle designed NINE’s sales center,  and created a furnishing package to fit Starwood Capital Group’s needs. The advantages are many, with this partnership, Tui Lifestyle’s developers have the ability to now earn money on every furnishing sold in the development. Atkins says,
this amount could exceed one to three million dollars for large scale developments.”

“Before [Tui Lifestyle], there was nothing reliable out there,” Atkins explains. “We do over 100 homes a month with an average of 99.97% success rate, meaning we get it right the first time. Because of that proven track record, developers feel comfortable doing this partnership. Plus, with a really great return policy, developers don’t get into any of the trouble. The last thing a developer wants to do is be in the furniture business.”

The company’s commitment to excellence begins long before the first sale. Tui uses timeless designs and quality materials to ensure longevity of style and craftsmanship. Atkins explains their dedication to quality, “most companies like to use staples when they upholster; we sew everything together. Where other companies may use a plastic washer, we use stainless steel so they don’t break down, deteriorate or crack. While other companies don’t invest the extra money, we do. We believe quality comes first.” For a relatively young company, Tui Lifestyle has created a seamless system that works for everybody. Tui Lifestyle has revolutionized the way developers furnish luxury units, but for Atkins and company, it was a natural next step. “We started this company to help developers,” he says. “The developer partnership was inevitable for us from the start.”


Jason Atkins