Haute 100 Update Miami: Emilio Estefan to be New Face of Botran Rum


Music mogul Emilio Estefan is taking on a new project. The Haute 100 member will become the face of the Guatemalan rum company, Botran Rum. It sounds like Estefan took the deal for the right reasons. He says, “I’m not doing it for the money. I am doing it because I feel it’s the correct move.” Estefan feels is will benefit the South Florida economy while taking steps towards uniting the Hispanic community. Botran is family owned and, according to Estefan, “has proven that it makes the best rums in the world.”

Estefan and wife Gloria even paid a visit to the Guatemalan company to get a better idea of the distilling process. They visited the sugar plantations in Tulula where they grow the cane and even ventured to the distillery in Quezaltenango which happens to be located 7,868 feet above sea level. Botran Rum CEO Roberto Garcia Botran hopes that Estefan will help the company, which is already the leading liquor company in Guatemala, expand into the United States.