Entrepreneur Trish McEvoy Shares Her Beauty Secrets

tTrish McEvoy is one of the few cosmetic lines on the market that is still privately owned. I have heard that once you start using her line, you are hooked for life.

McEvoy was essentially born into beauty, at the age of five, playing in her grandmother’s Berlin perfumery. She founded Trish McEvoy Beauty when she was twenty-five, and turned it into a multi-million dollar company by the age of thirty. In 1978 she opened one of the nation’s first medispas in New York City, The Dr. Ronald Sherman/Trish McEvoy Skin Care Center, where in partnership with her husband, a renowned dermatologist, they helped pioneer the revolutionary marriage of beauty and science.

Trish has been the artist of choice for many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, from Angelina Jolie to Dame Judi Dench, and often called upon by the likes of CNN, Larry King, and Good Morning America, to name a few, to share her vision and expertise.

I spoke with Trish to get some insight and information for you about one of America’s most powerful women in Beauty.

Haute Living: You have one of the largest cosmetics companies in America, yet you are one of the few that is still owned privately, not by a group. Do you plan on selling, or you like having it this way?

Trish McEvoy: Every major company has approached me and it’s always very flattering but nothing is as satisfying as doing it one’s own way.

HL: What is the most innovative product you came out with?

TM: It would be hard to pick one but I would say, in no particular order: my mistake-proof brushes, dermatologist-designed skincare, Makeup Planner and Fragrance Wardrobe.

HL: What differentiates your products from others on the market?

TM: They address women’s beauty concerns with ease while offering long-wear performance.

HL: What should your customers expect in 2014? Any new product launches?

TM: An instant, long-wear makeup remover for the eyes and face, an eyeliner that enhances lash thickness, new conditioning lip colors and a dramatic new mascara, to name a few!

HL: On a personal note, do you ever come to Miami? Personal Appearances?

TM: I don’t have anything scheduled but a future visit is possible!

HL: What personal beauty secret could you offer to Miami women?

TM: Broad Spectrum Sun Protection! It is the #1 beauty defender no matter where one lives but it is especially true with the intense sun exposure Miami beauties are subjected to. Wear it head to toe, rain or shine, reapply after swimming or sweating, and ensure the label says UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum and has a minimum SPF value of 30.