Highlights: Winter X Games 2014 Is a Wrap

Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars involves the crowd during the band’s Saturday night show at Belly Up Aspen.

The Winter X Games at Buttermilk Mountain reportedly saw more than 100,000 people come through the venue over the four-day event, which ended Sunday night with snowboarder Danny Davis taking home the gold medal in men’s superpipe. Shaun White has won the event the previous seven years, but decided not to compete in the X Games this year as he prepares for the winter Olympics in Sochi.

While people could watch the live sports coverage on ESPN, much of the action also happened off-camera. Here are a few highlights:

  • Indie-pop group Capital Cities played a private show at Belly Up Aspen on Friday night, hosted by ESPN. The group’s frontman, Sebu Simonian, was conspicuously absent because he’s a new father, according to Ryan Merchant, who’s the other half of the pop duo. In his honor, the group passed out fake beards.
  • During Tiesto’s outdoor concert in Wager Park on Sunday, attendees were given glow-stick bracelets which synchronized with the DJ’s beats.
  • A private house party hosted by iRecreate, a movement promoting the responsible usage of recreational cannabis. DJs spun music throughout the night, and people partook in the use of recreational cannabis.
  • The Travelocity Gnome had his own fun in Aspen this weekend, including Hickory House ribs and a hike up Highland Bowl. View the whole trip here.
  • The Grammy-Award winning French group Phoenix hopped across the pond for back-to-back shows in Aspen, one during the day in Wagner Park and the second that evening at Belly Up Aspen. Both got great reviews, and from the spectator’s side of things, were worth the trip.