Haute Event: Rolex Design District Grand Opening

Rolex Store 2

The new Rolex store in the Design District opened last night with a snip of a ribbon and a pop of many champagne bottles as 250 VIP guests came to check out the new digs. Rolex President Stewart Wicht was on hand to celebrate. In an exclusive interview with Wicht, he said opening the store in the Design District was “a mutual decision with store owner Seymour Holtzman,”  who was also at the event. “We’re confident it will be a success,” he said. Wicht has been with Rolex for 35 years and owns an impressive 25 timepieces.

The new store, which is encased almost entirely in glass, features the signature green carpet of Rolex, along with other new design features like a 13′ tall Aqua Glass feature and beautiful walnut paneling. The store boasts its own expert watchmaker and service center in the back of the store for maintenance and servicing. Guests included Jennifer Valloppi, Adriana de Moura and Frederic Marq, Criselda Breene, Suzy Buckley and other VIPs who were treated to bites by Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink and live jazz singing by Jenene Caramielo.