Haute Secrets: Chef Tim Goodell

Executive Chef Tim Goodell

Chef Tim Goodell’s accolades are diverse, and that’s fitting because so are his accomplishments. From his start under pastry chef Gary Danko at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco in the early ’90s to his recent expansion of 25 Degrees from its home inside the Roosevelt Hotel to Chicago and Bangkok, he’s a tour de cuisine. The most recent stop on that expedition is Snowmass Village, Colo., where he opened Ricard Brasserie and Bia Hoi in December. Here, he’ll bring his award-winning style to a new setting that’s just ripe for a culinary adventure.

HL: Ricard Brasserie is French food and Bia Hoi is Southeast Asian food. Why these two cuisines and how do see you them fitting into Aspen/Snowmass’ culinary scene?

TG: Working closely with Related Colorado, we saw an opportunity for a more international style of cuisine in Snowmass. Both classic brasserie and Southeast Asian food is right in my wheelhouse.

HL: What was your inspiration for Ricard? For Bia Hoi?

TG: Inspired by the classic brasseries of Paris that have been in existence for many many years, we wanted Ricard to look like it’s been here for a very long time. As for Bia Hoi, we envisioned a Vietnamese or Thai back-alley beer hall serving small tastes of street food.

HL: Are you doing anything differently here (besides the actual menus, etc.) than your other Domaine Restaurants?

TG: We have done everything differently, from the interior design and aesthetic of the space to the hand-fabrication of sausages and charcuterie, the crafted cocktails, and of course the use of local Colorado products.

HL: And on that note, how did you choose Snowmass Village as a location for you next two restaurants?

TG: I chose Snowmass based on the relationship I developed with key players of Related Colorado who own the property. In addition, I looked at Snowmass’s future development plans and they created a promising future for a sophisticated dining scene.

HL: Given Ricard’s location at the base of Snowmass mountain, how will the restaurant appeal to the apres-ski (and hiking/biking in the summer) crowd?

TG: Location, location, location. … Ricard is basically at “main & main” within Base Village. We are at the prime spot when finishing a day of skiing and a perfect setting for après ski with a large patio, indoor-outdoor bar, and fireplace enhanced lounge.

HL: Which Colorado ingredients or products do you love using?

TG: Avalanche Cheese Company, Tender Belly pork products, and a few different local distillers.

HL: You own a home in the Snowmass area, correct? What is your idea of a perfect Colorado day?

TG: Yes, my perfect day would be a cappuccino and a morning bun from Ricard, a full day of skiing on Snowmass with a break for a bowl of pho from Bia Hoi. Après with champagne and oysters again at Ricard, followed by dinner with friends at one of the large communals or the chefs counter at Bia Hoi. Lastly, a very hot jacuzzi would hit the spot!