Back in Time: Amanda Navai’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection



Amanda Navai’s Spring/Summer 2014 handbag collection journeys back in time to recall the era of the strong-willed woman of the 1920 through to the 1950s. The designer’s creations reflect upon the development of style. From the roaring 1920s, the romance of the 1930s, the career woman of the 1940s and the more mature and settled look of the 1950s, Navai’s latest leather handbags whisk back into time to resurrect the bold and feminine woman that dominated the first half of the twentieth century.



“I truly love the glitzy era of the 1920’s and 1930’s and I have a total admiration for the woman that paved the way for us other woman to get into the work force. They must have been some gutsy ladies with determination. Strong women inspire me,” says Navai.

Alice in Tehran


The bags come in a variety of geometric shapes in bold and vibrant colors – clear anecdotes of the era Navai wishes to evoke. Practical for everyday use or for a night out on the town, Navai’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is injected with the right color and cutting-edge design to make the most out of Spring.

Amanda Navai’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is available at Bloomingdale’s Dubai, Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai and Bahrain and all Etoile La Boutique stores throughout the GCC. For more information visit