Roger Vivier Collaborates with Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

roger_vivier_cmjn_hd (4)

The Virgule, Roger Vivier’s famous pump with a comma shaped heel, has made a comeback in the designer’s latest collections. The campaign of the new Virgule, a heel he created in 1963, features 21 year-old model and daughter of Duran Duran’s John Taylor, Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor. The model and DJ is seen wearing the sleek pump into the early hours of the morning while dressed in jeans, a mini-skirt, a leather jacket and leopard skin pants. The heels are found in a variety of colors and textures including houndstooth, flamboyant red, metallic, satin or even mink.

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Whether its at night under magnificent mirror balls while dressed in a shimmering mini-dress or while wearing more casual everyday attire, the sleek pumps can be worn for all occasions. Photographer Olivia Bee captured Taylor wearing the famous heels in several shots taken from the early morning to the late evening. The campaign showcases through elegant and poignant images how the Virgule has multiple usages as well as personalities.

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