Ralph Pagano Opening Mexican Concept at The Dream South Beach


Alba’s chef Ralph Pagano, who we recently featured in Haute Living’s Kitchen Confidential section, is opening a Mexican restaurant at the Dream South Beach. Serafina, will be closing and the conversion will be complete by the end of next month. Pagano is famous for his show, Pressure Cook, on the Travel Channel where he visited far-flung destinations learning how to cook all kinds of exotic cuisines. Mexico may be a ways away, but Pagano has been there over a dozen times doing fun cooking things like picking agave pinas in Jalisco.  He loves the cuisine – and the tequila!  He’s planning “fun tacos and a killer breakfast” and prices in the $12 range which would be truly exceptional in Miami Beach.

“Nothing will be more expensive than $19. I want the space to be easy to get in and get out when you’re coming from the beach. I love the fish shacks on the streets of Ensenada where your meal was just caught. I’m simple. I don’t proclaim to be the best chef. I just know what tastes good, so we’ll straddle the line between authentic with a modern take on it. The real benchmark is when you put it in your mouth. If you love it, I’ve done my job.”