Norman Rockwell Painting Sells for Record $46 Million

Picture 6

A masterpiece by the classic American painter and Saturday Evening Post illustrator, Norman Rockwell, sold at a Sotheby’s New York auction for the record-breaking price of $46 million. “Saying Grace” was originally featured on the cover of the 1951 Thanksgiving issue of the Saturday Evening Post, giving even more meaning to the touching scene, which depicts an older women and a young boy praying at their table in a crowded 1950’s diner.

“Saying Grace” and six other Rockwell bests came from Kenneth J. Stuart Sr.’s personal collection. “It’s a really great moment for American art and for Rockwell,” explained Elizabeth Goldberg, head of the American Art Department at Sotheby’s. Indeed, the delightfully painted and dauntingly realistic scene is a wonderful reminder of the many reasons to be thankful and the perfect addition to any socially conscious art collection.