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Dwyane Wade’s life as sitcom
The Fox television network will be debuting a new sitcom based on the life of Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade. The sitcom, tentatively titled, Three The Hard Way, will be about the life of a single parent and star athlete named Daryl Wade, who raises his two young sons. Ben Watkins, writer for Burn Notice, is set to write the script and produce the sitcom alongside Wade’s new production company, ZZ Productions. Many people are already wondering who will play the NBA star in the new sitcom. “I haven’t figured that out yet,” Wade said. “But I’m sure it will be someone very handsome.”


Fred Segal Taps Lenny Kravitz
Rock superstar Lenny Kravitz is teaming up with iconic California retailer Fred Segal to produce a new fashion line. The collaboration, dubbed Fred Segal x Kravitz Design, will feature unisex clothing, travel and fashion accessories, as well as a custom-made motorcycle, retailing up to $100,000. Each item will be exclusively designed as envisioned by Kravtiz himself. This will be Fred Segal’s first designer collaboration in 50 years. Merchandise will be available next year at Fred Segal stores in Tokyo and Los Angeles, as well as the SLS Las Vegas, where Fred Segal will open several boutiques in 2014.


Pitbull Launches Fragrance
Mr. Worldwide is getting in on the celebrity fragrance game. “When we started talking about it, it was all about very sexy smells,” Pitbull said about his unisex fragrances. “The woman can wear the men’s cologne and the man can wear the women’s perfume. I love to mix them up and see what kind of people you attract.” Amazon is selling the fragrances exclusively from December 1 until Valentine’s Day.


Micky Arison Donates $1.5 million
Micky Arison donated $1.5 million to support relief efforts for super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, $500,000 more than the partnership’s original pledge. “All of us at Carnival and the Miami Heat extend our deepest sympathy to the Philippines and its people,” Arison said. “The typhoon in the Philippines has caused massive destruction, and is having a tragic impact on people and families, including those members of our extended Carnival family who reside in the region.”


Philip Levine Wins Miami Beach Mayoral Election
Philip Levine has taken on a new role of leadership as Miami Beach’s new mayor. After an incredibly close vote that resulted in a recount, the businessman-turned-politician won the majority. On the night of the election, Levine’s campaign headquarters was filled with joy. Food and drinks were served as supporters danced in front of a projector displaying the voting outcome. Levine said to his guests, “This is the most humbling night of my entire life.”