Keeping Up with Nas


Nasir Jones, commonly known as NAS, is a devoted family man, celebrated philanthropist, and one of the most multi-faceted musical artists in the industry. He has released eight consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums and sold more 25 million records worldwide. Earlier this year, Harvard University established the Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship in honor of the Grammy nominated artist’s contribution to the hip-hip community. In between launching a clothing brand and building partnerships with Hennessy, NAS is truly “the man who couldn’t slow down.” Take a look.

10:00AM: I wake up, and start my day by trying to do 100 pushups. (I’m lucky if I make it to 20!)

10:30AM: I drink my OJ, put on my sweats, and start thinking about what I’ll have for lunch (I’m not a breakfast person). I hop in the shower and start getting ready for my day, which means thinking about which shoes and watch I want to wear. Do I want to wear Jordans, shell toe Adidas or my Nike Air Max? Do I want to wear my Rolex Gold Masterpiece? Or do I want to wear my Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Small Second?

Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Yellow Gold (AKA the Presidential)
Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Yellow Gold (AKA the Presidential)

11:00AM: I head out to my meetings, either for HSTRY – where we start brainstorming new designs for our latest collection – or to pitches with different TV networks for my show ideas. Otherwise I’m headed to investor meetings, or sitting down with my tech guys to develop new apps or work on a new site that could help change the way we look at the internet.

2:00PM: I pick up my son from school, and we do whatever he decides! He likes to eat pizza and tell kid jokes to make me laugh. He also loves to watch movies, like Madagascar and Toy Story 1, 2, and 3. My favorite days are when we just talk, and he asks me questions about the world around us. Spending time with him is usually the best part of my day.

Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Small Second
Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Small Second

5:00PM: I head to the studio. At this point I’m in the zone – my music zone. First I’ll listen to a beat. I don’t look for any specific sound, but one that moves me. Once I’ve selected one, I start writing. I write in no particular order – sometimes the verse is first, other times the hook. I write what’s on my mind and that very moment, and those ideas can vary.

8:30PM: I have dinner with friends or family. If I’m having a casual dinner I’ll go to The Parlor in Hollywood, where I can eat some good food and catch a game. If I’m having a business dinner, my first choice is usually the Soho House. If I’m with family, I like to pick a restaurant with a chill vibe and good food. Otherwise, my daughter and I order takeout and just eat at home.

10:30PM: Around this time, my daughter and I are settled in to the theater room at home, trying to decide what kind of movie to watch. We like watching comedies, action films and thrillers. But most of all we love watching scary movies together.