David Letterman Teams Up with Bruce McCall for New Book ‘This Land Was Made for You and Me (But Mostly Me)’

David-LettermanIf one hour of David Letterman every night just isn’t enough, then check out the funnyman’s latest book, This Land Was Made for You and Me (But Mostly Me), which he created with illustrator Bruce McCall.

Letterman found the inspiration for his latest literary project while vacationing at his Montana ranch, where he said he saw fortunes fuel outrageous back-to-nature lifestyles. Though he found the state absolutely “stunning,” Letterman said he vowed to avoid the southwestern part of the state “where you have all your famous people. I said, `I’m not gonna move out there if it’s gonna turn into the Hamptons.'”

Consumed by the idea of “billionaires in the wild,” Letterman reached out to McCall, whose work he had long admired.” I kept thinking, I would just like to see one Bruce McCall rendering of a million-acre ranch,” he told the Associated Press.

Thanks to an introduction by McCall’s daughter, Amanda, who worked as a writer on “Late Show,” the two were able to turn Letterman’s idea into a reality. “One day she said to me, `Dave has a ranch in Montana and he’s sick of seeing all these nouveau riche egomaniacs build huge mansions and reroute rivers and cut down forests and otherwise blight the landscape, and he wanted to make fun of it,” McCall revealed. “He thinks you’d be the right guy to visualize it.'”