Colin Powell Donates $5 Million to Alma Mater, City College

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The philanthropic political enthusiast and illustrious former secretary of state, Colin Powell, is donating $5 million to his alma mater, City College. A graduate of the 1958 class, Powell previously donated $2 million to The Colin L. Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership— the institution named after him in April. The honorary school is comprised of the anthropology, economics, sociology, psychology and political science departments.

The generous donation is Powell’s contribution to students interested in pursuing careers in public service, part of his plan to aid education initiatives. Why City College? “Without the City College of New York, I wouldn’t be in a position to give anything to anybody,” Powell told the Wall Street Journal, admitting that school was not easy for him. He barely made it into the City College and struggled to graduate with a 2.0 GPA.

Powell hopes that his donation and the capital campaign that has raised more than $44 million will help the university continue to grow and really root itself deep into New York’s society. Powell passionately stated, “We have no greater obligation to the future of our country than to educate these youngsters to positions of leadership.”