Anton Heunis Brings Vintage-Inspired Jewels to Harvey Nichols Dubai

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The modern vintage jewelry pieces of Madrid-based designer Anton Heunis are now available at Harvey Nichols Dubai. His new Spring/Summer 2014 collection is characterized by bright colors and robust forms. His designs are made of semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals endowing everyday looks with a glamorous edge.

Anton Heunis

The designer remembers beholding his grandmother’s dressing table as a child and seeing the dozens of magnificent jewelry pieces. Heunis launched his collection in 2004 and has since become a respected name in the fashion and jewelry industries.

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Heunis draws his inspiration from everyday life. “Jewelry should be something personal, something intimate and should be made with love,” he says. To make his jewelry items he uses a hands-on approach and a meticulous eye constantly overseeing production in the studio. His works are thus the culmination of an intricate technique coupled with a passion for finding the flair of moment and mixing it with what has come before.

Harvey Nichols is located at Mall of the Emirates. Tel: +971 44098888