$20,000 Espresso Machine Considered ‘Fashionable Piece of Art’

Think all espresso machines are the same? Think again. Kees van der Westen‘s espresso machines, like the $20,000 Spirit model, is a true work of art. Van der Westen and his team of assistants create approximately 400 machines per year, which they sell to cafes, espresso bars and true coffee lovers.

“A Kees van der Westen is pretty much the holy grail,” Dave Ringwood, head of equipment customization, restoration and design at Espresso Parts LLC, told Bloomberg News.

Though commercial grade espresso machines produce delicious results, they require specialized electrical hookups, plumbing and water-filtration systems. Despite the complexity involved with setup, van der Westen says that wealthy individuals have begun purchasing the machines for their homes.

“I loved the look of it,” media lawyer, Edwin Mayer, told the publication. “It’s a functional piece of art. It makes superb coffee and is very forgiving and easy to maintain.”