What’s On My Desk: Designer Steven Zelman

Steven Zelman Desk 1

Steven Zelman is an award-winning, versatile talent specializing in contemporary and classic design. An accomplished director, merchandiser and space planner, Zelman takes broad strokes on a clean canvas. This
ability to transform basic environments into sweeping interiors with a glamorous edge is Zelman’s forte. Award-winning designer Zelman has been responsible for some of the most prestigious and high profile home
and commercial designs featuring unique environments that are beautiful, practical and functional. With locations nationwide, Zelman Style Interiors services a broad range of high-end residential and commercial clients throughout the United States.

1. MacBook – my MacBook allows me to stay continuously connected and in touch with the world, and to keep up with what is hot in the design industry.

2. Family Photos – my family serves as a source of constant inspiration for me. They remind me why I wake up every day.

3. Business Cards – I hold onto every business card I receive so I can always look back on, reflect and stay in contact with people I have met along the way.

4. Scale Ruler – my scale ruler is an essential design tool and allows me to work on and review plans with clients or staff at the drop of a hat. I love making space “sing!”

5. Awards and Accolades – everyone loves to be reminded of their full potential, noteworthy accomplishments and how great they can truly be. Being able to glance at these on my desk throughout the day always keeps that
fresh in my mind and continues to motivate me.

Steven Zelman 2