A Sneak Peek Inside Zaha Hadid’s 1000 Museum


One Thousand Museum Sales Center by Zaha Hadid photo by Robin Hill (c) LO RES (2)

Little by little we are getting a feel for what starchitect Zaha Hadid has planned for her 1000 Museum and it’s 100% Zaha. The sales center (located in 10 Museum) will be revealed in early November at a private event – you know we’ll be there!  The overall feeling is hyper-futuristic with one of her signature webbed art installation, a ceiling installation and more. A 5 foot hologram of the building will high-tech way to get a better idea of the exciting new building. But it’s not just about design, the building also has a scent, custom make by 12.29, which will be used throughout to create a very unique sense memory.

Photos  by Robin Hill