Nina Johnson-Milewski’s Miami Rail Fun-raiser Experience = PURE FAB


The talk of the town for the past week has been all about the Fun-Raiser for the Miami Rail. Last night was the official event at the home of Nina Johnson-Milewski and her lovely husband Dan. Oh boy was it fun, a true throwback to childhood…. However, as a child I don’t think notable artists like Bhakti Baxter were doing the face painting?

With Nathaniel Sandler and Louis Aguirre (pictured in the tank) at the Miami Rail Fun-Raiser

So, from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Miami’s art loving souls, under the radar hipsters and quite a few high profile society members gathered. Some took part in the activities which included dunk tank, a three legged race and designer face painting or they supped on Shorty’s Bar-b-q, Tequila Snow Cones and Duvel Beer’s. Chic debauchery? Indeed, as the beautiful, stylish DJ Gabby Mejia spun her usual music that made me dance to ‘Da Dip’ while being the first dunked candidate of the evening. Yes, I was dunked (five times! Twice by John Lin, some little girl and Miami’s artist’s Agustina Woodgate and Christy Gast)! Television personality Louis Aguirre and media man Nathaniel Sandler were also victims of the tank. Allegedly, the sharp shooting and scantily clad John Lin also volunteered to be dunked. Maybe he had too many tequila cones?

Anyways, the event was fierce and likely had over two hundred patrons of the arts present and supporting this non-profit publication that originated in Brooklyn, New York.

Guests included Lauren Gnazzo, Belkys Nerey, Architect Rene Gonzalez, Todd Lewin, Michelle Varat, Ashley Abess, Bill Kearney, Matthew and Taylor Abess, Suzy Buckley Woodward, Iran Issa Khan, Susie and Walid Wahab, Kerry McLaney, Krel Levy, Gingi Beltran, Martin Rozenblum, Lina Hargrett, Susanne Birbragher, Yuri Tuma, Leann Standish, Sam Robin, Criselda Breene, Wolfsonian Curator Cathy Leff and Tim Walker of PAM.

One of the Sponsor’s: Duvel

Bhakti Baxter painting the face of Taylor Abess, as Cathy Leff and Ashley Abess check out the live art
Architect Rene Gonzales with a friend
Perma-smile Belkys Nerey with event hostess and PR guru Lauren Gnazzo
Michael and Mary-Jo Shore
Michelle Varat with Todd Lewin

Leann Standish with a friend

Incredible artist Yuri Tuma with friend
Notable artist Agustina Woodgate with Bill Kearney
With Lina Hargrett, Susanne Birbragher and Agustina Woodgate