Meet Arianne Brown, the Brains and Beauty Behind Ramona LaRue

I thought I would share my latest obsession, and I mean obsession, fantasy and fascination with you. After having discovered this gem of a woman named Arianne Brown just last week, I already own ten items and have placed custom orders for a few more (using my own Etro fabric I purchased in Milan). But custom? How? Well, that is because all of the items sold at Ramona LaRue boutiques and independent stores nation wide are all made locally, in Miami.

Arianne is a total hippie who grew up in Coconut Grove, raised by a single mother named Ramona, hence the name of her clothing line made out of silks. The beauty the silks is actually her design, where each print is first painted on a canvas by Arianne then shipped over seas, for the factories to bring her art to life on a silk. First a design, then a stitch, resulting in a product.

Meet Arianne, the daughter of Ramona. Just five years in the making, keep an eye on this line, and if you don’t know about it, I recommend you go visit one of her shops. There is something for everyone. Thin, tall, short, wide, busty and beyond.

ramona 1
The Beautiful Arianne Brown At Her Office. Simply Divine.

A: I grew up, my mom was the artist in the family. She was a clothing designer in the Grove. What she sold was all one of a kind. Ramona passed eight years ago and I launched five years ago. She taught me how to paint. I never wanted to do this it reminded me of my struggling childhood. When she was sick with cancer she asked me to do what I knew best, what I grew up playing with.

I missed her so much but had no focus but I got a vision. I wanted her name walking the streets. She could never do that.

Ramona LaRue, it is a love story between a mother and daughter. I took her name to a different level.

E: How many boutiques thus far?

A: Four boutiques all opened these past eight months. Coconut Grove, Lincoln Road, Las Olas and Midtown. We are opening our fifth shop in Delray Beach in December. Each boutique is unique, I distressed all the furniture. It is my passion, so each boutique is filled with not only clothing I created but also all of the furniture, I distressed. It is my hobby and my therapy.

E: Do you repeat styles from season to season?

A: I bring back my best sellers season to season. Because I manufacture it’s a bit easier. When my clients ask for a specific thing, it is easy for me to make it. I try to please and it’s instant gratification.

E: Explain your process of designing.

A: I make my originals. I have a pattern maker. I didn’t go to fashion school. I hand paint my original print – painting. I send it to China or India and get that produced on more fabric. Mostly silk.

E: Time frame?

A: Three months time, from original painting sent over seas, then we receive the silk. Then comes production, it takes another six mos.

E: What is your next step with your brand?

A: I want to do a home-ware line. My prints would be great on beds and plates!

E: How do your collections work?

A: I go by season… But a new collection every month! My next collection is Holiday Resort and hits my shelves on October 31st, in January is the Americana Collection (which I saw in the back room of the Midtown shop that also serves as their factory, and the fabrics, patterns and colors are WOW).

E: Your mother would be proud.

A: My mom was my best friend, I could hear her yelling at me.

E: Tell me about the dress I am obsessed with.

A: It is called the Tara Dress and it is not named after a specific Tara, it has been running for three years now. People began to collect it. They retail for $239. “It’s amazing and bra friendly. In this industry you realize your shit doesn’t sell because it doesn’t support bra’s.”

E: Favorite era?

A: 1970’s because I live by it and dress by it, but I appreciate the 1920’s. Now I’m back to prints. Art to wear, I love it and I have the balls to wear it.

The Tara Dress, My Favorite!

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