Little Annie’s Set to Reopen After Weeks of Uncertainty

Little Annie's

Little Annie’s Eating House will reopen its doors after being seized by the state for unpaid taxes earlier in October. On Tuesday, the group that owns the 517 E. Hopkins Ave. building where Little Annie’s is housed, represented by property manager Lex Tarumianz, bought up everything in sight for the bulk price of $40,000. The restaurant was owned by a separate party, which did not pay the taxes. Now the restaurant plans to open again and put its 35 employees back in business after two weeks of uncertainty. The 41-year old business has a reputation for being one of the last places in town where people can buy an affordable meal and drink. The building’s owner plan to renovate the space in the near future, but must keep it “affordable” because of an agreement they made with the city.

Aspen 82, a locally owned television station and production company, was on site for the auction: