Giuliana Rancic Sits Down With Haute Living at Westfield’s Pink Teas Event


Giuliana Rancic Photo Credit: Drew Altizer Photography
For the first time, Westfield San Francisco partnered with television personality Giuliana Rancic and national (Chicago-based) non-profit Bright Pink, an organization focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women, to launch a special series of Pink Teas Under the Dome on Sundays throughout October.

E! News star Rancic, a breast cancer survivor, sat down with Haute Living to discuss her closeness to the cause and advice for young women.

HL: You could have partnered with any brand to raise awareness for breast cancer.  Why Westfield? 

GR: I loved what Westfield stood for and how strongly they felt for Bright Pink. They were really excited and enthusiastic about Bright Pink [Rancic’s program is under the Bright Pink Banner], and they had a lot of people within the company who were affected by Breast Cancer. What I loved about Westfield was that they are giving one hundred percent.  It’s very rare to find a company that is willing to give one hundred percent of proceeds.  In all fairness to companies, there are operating costs, which they have to cover.  But Westfield is beating those because they are just happy to help.  We proposed the $5.00 book and the silent auction items. We’re going to raise a lot of money for the cause, which is very nice.  It’s so nice to be able to come out, meet people, and bring awareness to a great cause.

HL: Was the fashion tie-in at Westfield also a factor?

GR:  I love fashion, and I do shop at Westfield Century City. I love Zara, there’s a nice Louis Vuitton there, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, they have a great movie theatre and an amazing food court.  And there’s a great play area for the kids.

HL:  What is your best advice for women who have been diagnosed?

GR: My husband calls it a “99 cent solution.”  Go get a legal pad for 99 cents and whatever you’re trying to figure out – should I get a lumpectomy or mastectomy – make a pros and cons list.  Write it down because what we think in our mind is usually catastorphized.  Whereas if you write it down on paper, typically it’s not as bad as you thought.  Whatever the doctor tells you and whatever you’re trying to figure it out, put it down on paper.


As the month comes to a close, shoppers are reminded that in exchange for a five dollar donation to Bright Pink, shoppers at Westfield San Francisco Centre and Westfield Valley Fair will get access to exclusive deals from participating retailers for the remainder of the month.

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