Elizabeth Hurley Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Bloomgindale’s


Actress Elizabeth Hurley donned a pink shimmery dress at Bloomingdale’s on Tuesday to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month. The 48-year-old actress, who lost her grandmother to the devastating disease, has been a part of Estée Lauder’s breast cancer awareness campaign ever since she was recruited by Evelyn Lauder nearly two decades ago.

“Evelyn said to me, ‘Women all over the world are dying and nobody’s talking about it,’” the actress told the New York Daily News. “And it really struck a note, because when my grandmother found her tumor, she didn’t tell anyone. She didn’t tell anyone for two years. My grandmother was exactly the kind of woman Evelyn was talking about.”

Ever since its launch in 1992, Estée Lauder has raised approximately $50 million through its breast cancer awareness campaign. This year, the company hopes to secure $5 million more through the sale of “pink ribbon products” at Bloomingdale’s. One of the pink products on Hurley’s shopping list is the Evelyn Lauder Dream Solid Perfume Compact, which retails for $49.50.

“It’s got my favorite perfume, which is Pleasures,” Hurley revealed. “And $50 pays for one hour of a researcher’s time.”