Haute 100 Update: Chelsea Clinton Rebuilds Homes Hit By Hurricane Sandy

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It’s been a year since the devastation of Superstorm Sandy relentlessly rocked the East coast. Parts of Manhattan stood masked in darkness for weeks, roads turned to rivers and homes were destroyed. Although recovery is still underway a year later, it is clear that caring neighbors and generous organizations have worked hard to get things back to normal. Chelsea Clinton‘s Day of Action Program has been dedicated to administering aid to communities hard hit by the storm.

On Saturday, Clinton and her Day of Action Program led hundreds of volunteers on projects in some of the hardest hit areas in Far Rockaway, Queens and Staten Island. Lending a hand to hammer some nails into a local family’s home, Clinton was able to see first hand the quality of the homes the organization is building.

While on location, Clinton and the volunteers not only built homes, but also revamped parks, public venues and school grounds.