Book of Mormon Out, Wicked In


The highly successful, extremely popular musical The Book of Mormon will be ending its run at the Bank of America Theatre. I know there are lots of people (including me) who haven’t seen it and by all accounts we really missed out on something truly spectacular, but now it just may be too late. They are scheduled to leave Sunday, Oct. 6, but lets all hope they reconsider this exit, especially considering they are still raking in a lot of cash at the box office. Just in case they don’t, and just in case this is truly your last chance you can hopefully get some tickets for the last couple shows by calling 800-775-2000 or visiting

After giving you the sad news of The Book of Mormon leaving, I want to give you something positive. Back by popular (pun intended) demand and to celebrate its tenth anniversary of being on Broadway is none other than Wicked! The Broadway blockbuster will return to the Oriental Theatre on October 30 and stick around until December 21. This may be a good sign for those hoping The Book of Mormon comes around again for a second act, and I honestly don’t see why it wouldn’t. But focusing on what’s in front of us, lets enjoy the news of the return of Wicked. If you would like to see the show again or if you missed out on its original run, you can get tickets by clicking here. I also wanted to make some type of Halloween/Witch joke, but nothing funny really came to me, I failed you all.