Bakersfield Offering Pioneer Wine for a Penny


You may recall in July I wrote about the launch of Pioneer wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon that was created by Standard Market in collaboration with the Barra Family Winery in Mendocino. And if you don’t recall, now you know. The wine is available exclusively at Standard Market (333 East Ogden in Westmont), Bakersfield Restaurant (right across from Standard Market), and the recently opened Standard Market Grill (444 West Fullerton Parkway). Usually a bottle of Pioneer would cost you $39, but from now until November 15, you can snag one for a penny. Yep, a penny. “Pioneer for a Penny” is a promotion going on at Bakersfield Restaurant. Guests dining in the restaurant can get the bottle for a penny for doing what they came to do anyway, eat. Just order two salads, sandwiches, entrees or signature wood-fired grill dishes from Bakersfield’s amazing new Fall menu and the wine is yours for a penny. It’s as simple as that, you can grab any delicious two items, like the Royale Burger and Chilean Sea Bass or the House Roasted Prime Rib and Four Farmers Salad and wash it down with some nice wine that only cost you a penny. The choice is yours and the choices are great. You can find the full menu here.