The 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith Launch Event at Braman Motors

I love Rolls Royce’s. In fact, when I was a baby, my mother took me home from the hospital in her baby blue one, and as I got older I used to blow kisses out of my car seat in the back seat of the British elegance. I thought I was a princess, I suppose. Last week Tracy Belcher, the PR director of the Perez Art Museum, asked me to be her guest to Braman Rolls Royce for the launch of the 2014 Wraith. This Rolls Royce Wraith is said to have the most advanced technology on the market.

So, Park Avenue Pianos brought a mint condition and “Golden Age” Steinway Grand Piano from its collection, for a classical performance by the concert pianist Ronen Segev, president of Park Avenue Pianos, FIU alumni Soprano Rebecca Longtemps and 10-year-old singer and violinist, Bianca Pinchuk. Florida International University (FIU) President Mark Rosenberg attended the concert and event, which drew support for FIU’s music program.

Haute Piano’s? Park Avenue Pianos, with locations in New York City, Miami and Washington D.C., provides clients with the world’s most finely crafted Steinway & Sons pianos including Steinway grand pianos, upright pianos and Steinway baby grand’s. Park Avenue Pianos provides vintage, past and present Steinway pianos including “Golden Age” Steinway grand pianos, considered by many to be the best ever made. A good reason for a great partnership (for the night) between Rolls and Steinway!

Ken Harte (Braman Motors general manager), Mark Rosenberg (FIU president), & Ronen Segev (Park Avenue Piano’s president)
Park Avenue Pianos President Ronen Segev with musical performers Biana Pinchuk and Rebecca Longtemps
Kirstin and Uli Petzold
Nikki and Richard Barron
Gerardo Guijarro and Rebecca Longtemps
Kirstin Petzold
10-year-old singer and violinist, Biana Pinchuk

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