What’s On My Desk: Amanda Hyndman of the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok


Amanda Hyndman has been called a power woman of the hotel world.

As the General Manager of the luxurious Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, her primary responsibility is to take the greatest possible care of the Mandarin’s guests.  This demanding role requires her to oversee all aspects of the operation, quality and consistency standards and profitability whilst maintaining and enhancing the reputation as one of the world’s top hotels.

As GM, she is also the leading Ambassador and Spokesperson of the hotel. “Without a doubt the care and motivation of our 1200+ colleagues is critical to the hotel’s continued success. Many of our colleagues have 30 to 40 plus years of service here and the average length of service is 14 years – so we have hundreds of colleagues who have literally given their lives to the hotel,” states Hyndman.

“The Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok family is very special and it is up to the General Manager to maintain and nurture this legacy as it underpins all that has made this hotel a legendary success for over 137 years,” she says, proudly.

Ms. Hyndman paused from her busy day to share the important items she keeps close by to get it all done

1.  Photographs of my grandmother, my husband, me welcoming various people including Margaret Thatcher, HRH Princess Margaret, the past 3 American Presidents + who knows maybe the next American President, as well as our team offering flowers for the birthday of Her Majesty The Queen of Thailand

2.  A carafe of chilled lemongrass tea (it helps keep the mosquitos at bay)

3.  Three Feng Shui symbols:

  •  The A dog for protection because I was born in the year of the rabbit.  The jade dog is a guardian angel to enhance my luck


  •  The A black pearl, said to ease fears, pressures and prevent accidents.  The black onyx is to energize and symbolizes strong support, stamina and determination to help one persevere, teaching you to trust your inner voice.


  • The Chi Lin is a heavenly creature with body of a horse and head of a dragon and regarded by Buddhists as carry the civilizing Book of Law on its back. It represents strength, great ambitions, success, career luck, abundance, longevity, good health, perseverance and is also said to prevent you from being betrayed, cheated and suffering loss of some kind.


4.  A CD of the Invictus soundtrack and a scented candle from The Spa for moments of stress

5.  A Tiffany & Co. ceramic box with a world map on it given to me as a thank you by an Australian client for a VIP event we organized for him.


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