Waiheke Brunch Sails into SF for America’s Cup


Waiheke Island Yacht Club, the airy pop-up from New Zealand restaurateur Tony Stewart, has become one of the hautest spots in SF during the America’s Cup Action.

ATom Cruise Waihekector Tom Cruise paid a visit just a few weeks ago after catching one of the races, while the Prime Minister of New Zealand is set to visit within a matter of days. Thankfully, this uber cool spot is here to serve the city all the way through December 31.

But don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the new weekend brunch and weekday lunch menus (Indian Summer, anyone?).  Daytime service at Waiheke has become a favorite for foodies, visitors, and locals alike.  The menu includes some yummy kiwi faves like Moa breakfast beer and French Toast & Anglaise (with coconut fromage, peaches, nectarine, maple & Heilala vanilla). Mmmm hmmmm.

Haute Living sat down with Tony Stewart for a super chill chat over brunch and a breakfast beer :)

Why did you want to start lunch and brunch menus?

We just had to adapt to the what the movements are of the locals, and brunch is obviously a very important part.  For lunches, the business district is close. So I thought lunches would be relative to that.  We just started marketing toward them and definitely seen favorable response.  We were focused on just evenings until now.  But now lunch and brunch is going to be where we put our time in the summer and warmer months.

What’s the overall vibe of brunch and lunch, and how they different from dinner?

They’re just a little more casual and free-flowing.  With the brunch menu, we tried to just lighten it up and make it more light and fun, whereas the evenings are a little more serious.

Is brunch a New Zealand tradition?

It is, but probably not to extent it is here.  But yes, we definitely do separate it as you do.

Brunch waiheke 2What are some highlights from brunch menu?

I think the french toast is definitely a highlight.  We also have a pork dish that is well-balanced with ingredients that you wouldn’t anticipate work well together.  I love it when things are so good that you don’t logically think will be good.

Any New Zealand Specials?

Yes, the Moa breakfast beer is just so unique and so relative to that time of the day.

What about the DJ; is she from New Zealand?

Yep, Patty from New Zealand. She can read the crowd and adjust the volume as needed. She’s here every Saturday and Sunday, which gives it a great vibe.

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