Steve Jobs’ Mouse Uncovered in Aspen Time Capsule

The Diggers team standing in front of the time capsule. Credit: National Geographic

Some things change and others stay exactly the same. Rubik’s Cubes? Still six-sided. Hostess cupcakes? Can survive three decades. A computer mouse, particularly Steve Jobs’? Has come a long way in 30 years. Today, National Geographic’s Diggers team uncovered a time capsule buried during the 1983 International Design in Aspen, revealing hundreds of artifacts including the mouse released with Job’s first mass-marketed Lisa computer.

The team located the capsule on The Aspen Institute campus using coordinates, backhoes and some old fashioned research. Working the Aspen Music Festival and School and architect Harry Teague, an Aspen resident who helped to bury the capsule three decades ago, the Diggers team successfully unearthed the 13-foot time tube. Contents also included an eight-track recording of The Moody Blues, a Sears Roebuck catalog, a June 1983 copy of Vogue Magazine, a Rubik’s Cube and a six-pack of beer.

The complete episode of “Diggers” will air in January 2014. All contents in the time capsule will go to the Aspen Historical Society.