Jamie’s Rescue Brings Out Miami’s Elite

On Thursday evening, eight great hosts barked and the result: 300 of Miami’s haute residents gathered at the Standard Hotel’s back dock for Jamie’s Rescue event.


First, there were the animal lovers. Then there were two-television stahz from the Bravo series Miami Housewives (Lisa Hochstein and the controversial Lauren Foster). Then, the beautiful kids who came to choose their rescue pups.

Lisa Hochstein & Beau Beasley4
Lisa Hochstein with Beau Beasley. Lisa holds a 3 week old puppy rescue from Overtown. All of it’s siblings died. Beau holds Coconut Cartel, monogrammed with The Standard’s logo.

But you are likely asking me why? Well, the purpose of the evening was to raise monies and get puppies and young dogs rescued by animal lovers to their forever homes, because after all, Jamie’s Rescue is all about finding homes for abused, neglected and abandoned dogs in Dade County.

Jamie & Rachel Robinson
Jamie of Jamie’s Rescue, with her daughter Rachel Robinson.

The rescue event, that was held from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., called out summoned many VIP local’s to attend. The list included: Merle Weiss, David Aaron, Brian Long and Todd Corder, Andreina Perez-Cisneros, Ginger Harris, Heather Davis, Greg Mirmelli, Ben Rozansky, Anthony Japour, Edison Lozada, Ginger Harris, Tito Gaudenzi, Golden Beach Mayor Glenn Singer and Kristy Brumer, Tenia Lainge, Dr. Fahed Fayad, Bianca Montalvo, James Provencher and Derek DeGrazio of Barry’s Bootcamp, Brian Elias, Zurami Pascual, Haute Editor Hadley Henriette, Buzzy Sklar, Kim Rodstein, Jacquelynn Powers, Yahima Giro, Reggie Rubin, Dale Newberg, Jaclyn Segal, Martin Rozenblum, Carolyn Travis, Eric Garcia and Jon with his beautiful wife Ali Lazar (of Dogtails). I guess that is what happens when your host committee includes: Krista Karnis, newlyweds Veronica and Rachel Robinson (of the MTV hit series Road Rules), Beau Beasley, Stacy Milon, Jilian Sanz, Sarah Mirmelli (#hautesarah) and Crispy Soloperto.


Guests romanced by DJ Zoel’s music, and were given Cointreau Cocktails upon arrival. Get this: even very special designer coconut’s, monogrammed with The Standard’s logo by Coconut Cartel were sipped on throughout the evening. Such a simple product that makes so much sense. #genius. I endorse Coconut Cartel.


Special thanks to Joanna Krupa and Lisa Hochstein for tweeting the invite to their combined 1 Million + followers!

Stay tuned for further events for Jamie’s Rescue. Email KristaKarnis@gmail.com to be added to our mailing list.

*Photo Credit: WorldRedEye.com