Purely Fashion Announces Two Big Hires


The fashion scene in Chicago continues to get bigger, brighter and better and I couldn’t be happier. Some big news just rolled in and it comes from Purely Fashion. If you’re unfamiliar with Purely Fashion, it was founded in April by Chicago’s own Jeremiah Green, and is the first designer discovery platform that allows users to find established and up-and-coming designers instantly. They have announced two big hirings.

The first is New York-based designer, entrepreneur and teacher Samantha Sleeper. She will be the Curatorial Director of the increasingly popular app. “As our Curatorial Director, Sleeper will offer an extraordinary vision and perspective to the Purely brand,” said Green. “Right now there’s a general trend in America moving towards a ‘less is more’ approach to fashion and higher quality standards. Sleeper will hand-select styles that are on the cutting edge of fashion.”

“It’s hard for people to make informed decisions about fashion when they don’t know enough about the designers that they’re buying,” said Sleeper, who has built an impressive resume that includes dressing celebrities like Tina Fey, Heidi Klum and Rihanna.”Purely lets anyone brush up on the latest fashion from wherever they are. We are constantly updating the feed to keep users in-the-know when it comes to fashion, right as it’s happening.”


The second big hire is Ryan Beshel, most recently the in-house PR Coordinator at the 900 North Michigan Shops. Ryan is probably one of the most well known fixtures in the social and fashion scene in Chicago and I know where he goes, success is sure to follow. He will be using his marketing and management skills to help take Purely Fashion to the next level. “As a well-respected thought leader in the fashion industry and a public relations professional with a proven track record of developing partnerships, event concepts and editorial opportunities, Beshel will be a huge asset to the Purely marketing team”, said Green.

“I am excited to continue connecting with creative individuals and equally amazing designers,” said Beshel, who also leads media relations for the Chicagoland Habitat for Humanity Youth Board. “This is an incredible opportunity for me to help spread the word about both established and up-and-coming designers in Chicago and beyond.”

These hires are just another bright spot for Purely Fashion. It has been recognized as “new and noteworthy” by Apple and is being praised by everyone who downloads the app. To check it out for yourself or to learn more, click here.

Photo Credit (Beshel): Rumala Sheikhani