Haute 100 Update Miami: Pharrell To Create Fragrance


He’s gotten lucky with the song of the summer, five number-1 singles, 17 top-10 hits, and a number 1 album as a musician and producer, and now, Pharrell Williams wants to make a number one fragrance. Although, he’s remained cryptic thus far about the details, he did say this on the subject, “I create based on what I feel like is missing. You jump in and follow your gut. It’s like a sculpture — you’re just adding on more clay, you’re chiseling away and adding on until you feel like it’s done, and you stand back and go, ‘Oh! It’s a person.'”

We can only guess that means he’ll take a pinch of this and a dash of that approach. Here’s hoping he creates something truly unique that doesn’t smell like all the other commercial colognes. This announcement comes hot on the heals of his deal to make both men and women’s eyewear for Moncler. And just in case you need further proof of design success for this Haute-Lister, in 2008, he created a jewelry collaboration with Louis Vuitton called ‘Blason’