Haute 100 Update Miami: The Jills Make Appearance on CNBC’s New “Secret Lives of the Super Rich”

CNBC’s new show Secret Lives of the Super Rich premiered last night at 9pm. Uber-brokers Jill Hertzberg and Jill Eber made an appearence with their recently sold Versace Mansion.  The show takes viewers around the world for an inside look at extravagant collections, real estate, $20 million events and exorbitant hobbies.

While the lifestyles certainly won’t be foreign to Haute Living readers, some of the more unusual stories might be. One episode shows a man how had his carpet copyrighted so one one else would have the same, there is an unusual looking $15 million solar yacht designed by a Hong Kong billionaire who was worried about fuel efficiency and a luxury bomb shelter development in the US.

In addition to The Jills there are some familiar faces as they check in with the Queen of Versailles‘s David and Jackie Siegel, who are back on top and resuming construction on their behemoth. Secret Lives of the Super Rich airs every Wednesday at 9pm on CNBC.