Extra Fat On Your Bod? NU : U Will Help Remove It ASAP

ilipo pic
Selfie while undergoing the non-invasive iLipo treatment at NU : U.

What is the perfect solution when you are born with a disorder, like a double chin, as a result of your father? Well, thank god for modern technology because there is a solution for everything. I mean, did I really have a full-fledged double chin? No, but I love being experimental and fixing things even before they are broken, hence my visit to the NU : U Laser Lipo Center for their non-invasive procedure called iLipo. This iLipo machine uses lights to essentially melt your fat cells, as they drain through your lymphatic nodes and voila: thin, flaca, molto magro!

I must say, after four visits, I personally noticed a difference in my jaw line. As I mentioned above, it was the area I chose to target in my experiment.

Here is how it works. First, you realize you have extra weight somewhere that just won’t go away no matter how many Fiji bottles of water you suck down. You then, make a call to NU and make an appointment. Their offices are located on Brickell Key in the heart of Miami. The center recommends you book ten sessions (that costs $750.00), but depending on your area of intent, it may vary (I only did four sessions). You can go only once every other day.

So, let me walk you through the experience. You are greeted by a very beautiful nurse who brings you to a room. My nurse was Jackie Gallegos and she was wonderful, followed up with all of my appointments and was even flexible with my schedule of last minute cancellations. You lie down on the bed and place two hot-dog sized plastic devices under your arms. The purpose is to activate your lymphatic nodes (one of three points on your body where the Lymphs are is under your arms). Then you are given two plastic devices that radiate a red light. They are strapped on to you by the nurse and then the iLipo machine is turned on for ten minutes. There is zero pain. All you see is red lights and for some reason it is soothing, and you sort of nap. Then you make your next appointment and the end result is skinny. Speaking of results, I saw images of other people’s before and after’s by the centers owner Luis Salgado. This is Luis’ first NU : U center in South Florida but he has a few others in Chicago.

ilipo after
Notice my slim face? This was taken today at Neiman Marcus. Pictured above with Alex Hamdan.

For appointments, contact Jackie at: 786-397-4625.