Edward Beiner’s Different Frame of Mind

Edward Beiner in front of his custom designed frames, all vintage inspired.

Welcome to 2013 where now you can create your own pair of reading glasses or sunnies from A – Z, starting with the color, then the shape and how about a monogrammed initial inside? Oh yes. You fancy, huh?


Well, this is breaking news because Edward Beiner told me so. Even his publicist was not aware that this is his latest project! Do you know who Mr. Beiner is? You may have seen one of his thirteen shops throughout the state of Florida in only the best locations from Worth Avenue to Sunset in South Miami, or even in Mary Brickell Village. Meet Edward.


So here is the deal. Do you love jewels for the face? I mean in the Sunshine State, we all need some great protection. Note to self: this is the place to find that perfect accessory. Not only is the selection truly beyond, the service is well trained, just superb. Edward Beiner has been in the business since 1981, and really knows about his respective industry: fashion for the face. He carries brands I learned about in Paris, like Moscott, to Celine, Chanel, Cartier, and even more sporty lines like Super. He even has his own personal collection he designs, that is quite vintage inspired.

The fierce collection of Super frames, available at Edward Beiner.

So, back to this big secret: custom frames. Here is what Beiner tells me. “Erin, envision a old Louis Vuitton Trunk filled with samples of shapes, colors, everything. This is how my new ‘make your own frame’ experience will work. The client will come in and design what they want. Then the design is ordered and they come right from Italy, so approximately eight weeks later, you can have your own design.” Then Beiner explained that each custom pair will cost approximately $800. The first shop that will carry the trunk will be in Palm Beach on Worth Avenue.


I asked Edward to tell me a few things about his earlier days in the industry and the people who inspired todays jewels on our faces. Here is what he had to say:

“From Alain Mikli to Eric Domege and Christian Roth, Dore Chodorow from Oliver People’s are the ones who changed the industry. They left the mark. Rick Morgenthal, Robert Mark and Larry from The Optical Shop of Aspen. They were creating outrageous frames and we bought them and it launched us. It was in 1983 to 1988 that was Celine’s best collection. It was the best of all time. Some of the names I just mentioned above, they are the reason I’m here today”



Click on: Edward Beiner to find the closest Edward Beiner shop near you.