The Definition of Sexy: Get Long and Lean with the Laura Kate Workout

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Dedicated to taking toned temptress’s through their paces, Laura Kate Australia is where the ‘fit fillies’ of the world can get bikini ready by downloading Australia’s most wanted fat-burning workout. Blending body resistance, yoga, fitball, balance and aerobic paced moves, we talk with Laura Kate to find out the secrets behind her latest product, the Laura Kate Australia workout; an intense workout designed to sculpt, tone, and reshape the feminine form.

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What made you chose the variety of disciplines to create the Laura Kate method? If you look at a variety of athletes, they all have unique physiques specific to their sport and required training – living evidence that we are all molded by our movements! With this in mind, after more than 10 years of having my studio in Australia, I sought to uncover the best of a variety of disciplines, of which, when integrated together, were going to give my clients the toned feminine physique they all desired. I wanted to create a form of training that encompassed the flow of dance, the flexibility of yoga along with the strength, balance and instability of fitball. As a result, the Laura Kate method evolved providing women with the grace and sculpted form of a dancer and the lengthened limbs of a yogi

You speak of balance and stabilizing muscles – what is the connection here? The connection is the secret to achieving the ultimate tone. A key characteristic of the Laura Kate method is the presence of instability, which requires the engagement of smaller stabilizing muscles to re-establish balance within each posture. Strengthening these muscles not only engages more muscle groups, requiring the body to work at a higher rate, but also aids in drawing-in the larger, more dominant muscles, in turn preventing width and bulk. However, instability alone is not ideal. Rather, you need the integration of flow to ensure your heart rate is kept at the optimal fat burning zone.

We can aim to tone our physiques as much as we like, but if the toned muscle is sitting under the layer of fat, then a lot of our efforts have gone unnoticed. It’s when you tone the muscle AND reduce the fat, that you achieve a beautiful sculpted feminine form.

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What is the biggest mistake women make when trying to achieve a lean body?

Believing that any form of exercise is going to achieve the results they desire. Women are always saying to me they dedicate a lot of time to fitness and health but to no avail. However when I delve deeper into what they are choosing to do, then it comes at no surprise that they are not achieving the results they desire. Want the lean legs of a dancer? Then power squats is not your answer! A lot of traditional exercises tend to concentrate only on the large muscles, however it is the small stabilizing muscles and the element of ‘flow’, which are the secret to achieving that lean feminine form.

A lot of us are ‘time-poor’ these days – is this why you decided to offer women a workout routine online? In part yes. Many of us travel for work or are committed to very long hours, resulting in limited time to spend on our health. If women know they can simply go home, or up to their hotel suite; roll out their yoga mat and dedicate 20-40 minutes to their ‘me’ time, then this is much more appealing than the option of marinating with the ‘swetty betty’s’ at the gym. There’s something really nice about being in the comfort of your own space where you can choose your own style of music, light some candles, let in some fresh air, all in all creating the atmosphere you desire. Further to this, I wanted to share this unique style of training with the women of the world.

Do you need to do anything else in conjunction with the Laura Kate workout?

I always like to do a 20-minute brisk powerwalk or a gallivant (run) around the block before I start my workout. Why?…quite simply I like it! Its great to be outdoors, fresh air on your cheeks, wind in your hair… remember, your health should always be focused around enjoyment, never a chore!

But beyond just being good for the body, what else can good exercise provide you with?

Enjoyment. I mentioned previously that exercise should be something you enjoy. Find something you love and you’ll be committed to it. For me the Laura Kate method is my way to play. Not only does it provide me with the amazing physical benefits, but it is also great for leveling and calming my mind. I am a pretty hyperactive person (definitely an undiagnosed ADHD child) thus the Laura Kate workout helps to keep me focused, and energized. Plus, I’m addicted to the post-workout endorphins!

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