Day in the Life: Risk Taker, Sonya Molodetskaya

Sonya Molodetskaya discusses her day as she sits in front of her Hermès Throne


She’s practically a household name in San Francisco’s high society circles, but Sonya Molodetskaya is well-known in more ways than one. The Russian beauty is not only the constant companion of former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, but she is also the former owner of now-closed women’s fashion boutique Podium. These days she keeps busy with fashion public relations and also works in politics as an immigrant rights commissioner.
Fashion was always a calling for Molodetskaya. She throws traditional to the side, finding freedom in juxtaposition. Whether at home or on the red carpet, she has a knack for mixing contrasting styles: old and new, uptown and downtown, inexpensive and couture. It is her signature, and it has landed her on numerous society pages and best-dressed lists.
Molodetskaya met with Haute Living in her fabulous three-story loft downtown, to discuss her typical day.

6 – 9 am My day starts with looking at my favorite fashion blogs. I’m always on the search for something new and whatever is next in fashion. Around the corner on Market Street, there is a store that sells Vogue and Bazaar from different countries. Every month I buy my magazines and sit at the coffee shop near my house. I love to watch the fashion from the people that walk by. If I decide to stay home, I have a Nespresso machine to make my coffee. On my computer, I look at every fashion blog that I know. I want to see what’s in, what’s out and who wears what. That’s how I get my inspiration of what to wear.

9 am – 11 am I’m on Facebook and Instagram and emailing. It probably takes me about two hours a day to answer people because I get a lot of email invitations. I must do that no matter what.

11 am – 1 pm Now I either have a lunch or some sort of event. . I have to think of what to wear. As far as my clothes go, I love designer labels. My favorites are Hermès and Chanel. I started with Chanel but then Hermès became number one. I do like designer labels, but I also like to mix high and low. I love that because it takes real work. It’s very easy to buy something at Neiman Marcus that’s already there, but it’s more creative to wear a skirt from H&M and a Zara scarf, and mix them with an Hermès or Chanel bag. I think that your shoes and handbag must always be a good brand name. Everything else, you can play around with.

1 pm – 3 pm I will attend a luncheon or go shopping.

3 pm – 6 pm I come home to change my outfit for the nighttime event.

6 pm – 8 pm There is always an event. Most of them are with Willie Brown, and he has a lot (he hits four to five events in one night). I used to do all of them, but at some point, we realized that I could not.

8 pm – 11 pm I meet my boyfriend for dinner. I don’t cook, so we eat out every night of the week.

11 pm I have to be home in bed by 11:00 p.m. because otherwise, I won’t have enough sleep.