Chris Cruz’ New Remix Fitness Class made JRAND Dance at the W

Leia Bosco (L) with Jim Lee and Me! Love my Legs and LuluLemon Head-to-Toe!

During the Bar and Bat-Mitzvah days of my youth, there used to be entertainment companies that would be hired at every lavish celebration to make everyone do these cheesy dances to Earth Wind and Fire galore. The most popular MC was Dale from DJM. Today, Dale is the entertainer behind the Miami Heat. Basically, the dancing counterpart of DJ Irie. Then, in High School I used to take a class called Zumba at Olympia Gym with an instructor who shook his hips so well that even as a juvenile, allowed me to have interesting thoughts. Shortly after, he made it huge, from collaborations with Kellog’s Special-K cereal to globally marketing and selling the Zumba DVD and the rights to his classes to gym’s all over the world. Just last weekend I was invited to the W in Ft. Lauderdale for a work out class called Remix. It was held in the Great Room. Lets just say, this work out is just great (go figure) and please take my word: it is about to go global, and I will soon be able to say I took Chris’s Cruz’s Remix class first. You may know his name because he is also a local radio personality. I am confident ill one-day brag that I knew Mr. Cruz just like I knew Dale and Beto way, way, way back when….

lambietapril17 2.jpg
Beto, the Founder of Zumba.
Dale of DMJ and The Miami Heat.


So, what is this class? Well let’s just say, it is the kind of music you dance to in the shower before you are getting ready to go out. Imagine shampooing your hair to Beyonce, Justin, and even Bobby Brown. Yes, swear. #guiltypleasure. So, Remix brought me back to the Dale days of DMJ but gone modern. A live DJ spinning tracks getting a full-fledged cardio work to the best hit’s of today (and yesterday) while attempting to follow the relatively simple coordinated moves. I was not that great when it came to every move, I am a much better car/shower dancer but just know that coming soon to a gym near you will be a class called Remix by Chris Cruz. Take it.

I was lucky enough to attend because recording artist JRAND performed his top hit “Ride” (which features T-Pain and Flo Rida). So he played his hit, we shook our hips et voila, I spent the rest of my weekend in West Palm Beach with soar legs! But, it was well worth it.

JRAND (L) with Chris Cruz and the Lead Instructor of Remix Fitness.

Post event, after breaking a sweat, I recharged with light bites from sponsors including popchips® and KIND Healthy Snacks.

JRAND Performing at the W of Fort. Lauderdale for Chris Cruz’ Work Out Class Remix!
Do You Feel the Energy?
Um, YES.
JRAND again….