Chicago Bears Start The NFL Season Off Right


The weekend is always better during the NFL season. Now that the inaugural week is done, it’s very clear that we will be having an interesting season. Peyton Manning threw for a record-tying seven touchdowns, Chip Kelly’s offense worked for the Eagles, RG III seemed a little off the first half but bounced back later in the game, it was just a lot going on around the league. But it was all superseded by the fact that our Chicago Bears started the year off with a big win over the Cincinnati Bengals. It wasn’t a perfect win, there’s still a lot we need to work on, but it was a confidence booster for so many reasons. We finally have a coach that actually makes half-time adjustments, Cutler wasn’t sacked at all, our two rookie linemen held their own and the Marshall/Cutler combo is still going strong. These are all things to get excited about.

I’m going to be honest because we all saw it, the first half did not look all that promising, it looked like more of the same thing we’ve been experiencing the past four seasons. But the new coach, straight from the Canadian Football League, wasn’t going to go out without a fight. The second half saw the Bears get into a better tempo and as Cutler describes it “things start clicking a little bit.” That little bit turned into Cutler throwing three straight completions to three different players, which turned into a goal line touchdown from Forte, which cut the Bengals lead to 21-17. You know the rest, it ends with a Chicago Bears victory, 24-21. It should be noted that the team presented its new coach with the game ball, an indication that they believe in the rookie coach. Let’s just hope this love and optimism continues throughout the season resulting in the ultimate prize, a Super Bowl win.