More Airplane Seats Flying Into Aspen this Winter


Although the weather usually has the final say, visitors hoping to get to Aspen this winter will at least have more options in terms of seating. There will be 14 percent, or 25,000, more seating options to fly into Aspen’s Sardy Field.

The increase runs from mid-December through March, and comes as a result of new service offered by Delta Air Lines from Atlanta and Minneapolis, as well as expansion by Aspen’s major carrier, United Airlines.

United will offer three flights a day from Houston during some holiday periods, up from two flights per day in 2012. The airline also will boost service from San Francisco to two flights per day for most of the winter, although only one flight will be available on Wednesdays. There will be four United flights from Los Angeles during the peak holiday season, up from three last year.

American Airlines also will continue its winter service from Dallas and Los Angeles this winter, offering one flight per day from each destination to Aspen between Dec. 19 and March 31.