What’s On My Desk: Harry Sheikh


Harry Sheikh is the founder of Heys, USA based in Weston. Heys  has  been in the travel goods industry for more than 27  year with technological innovations and inspirational fashion-forward designs. One of the world’s most recognized designers and distributors of hardside luggage. Heys USA sells their products under brand names such as Travel Concepts and Crown Collection, Peace World Love and has licenses of Disney, Hello Kitty, Britto and De la Nuez.

1. Innovation Award:  Heys USA won this award for being at the forefront of creative designs in our industry. Keeping it on my desk is a daily reminder of what an innovative product we have and also inspires me to continue to create products unlike any others.


2. Heys USA Design Catalog (Peace Love World Collection):  I am the founder of the company but also the head designer. I add my personal touch in every design so I always have the latest design catalog, right now the Peace Love World Collection, close by.


3.  Picture of my son Yusuf  :  When I think of Heys USA I often think of the future of the company.  For me the future of the company is the legacy I will leave to my son Yusuf so having his picture of him on my desk is all the inspiration I need.


4.  iPhone :  I use my iPhone for everything, in fact I would really love the chance to design the iPhone, I really think I could do it if I had the chance. I just love the advanced technology it offers as well as how simple it is to use.


5. Keys : I draw a lot of inspiration from automobiles, especially my Heys USA Ferrari. It is not about the prestige but more so the inspiring design and innovative technology that these luxury products offer. The detail of branding that is put into these automobiles motivates me to take my products to the next level.


6. Watch: The ultimate goal for Heys USA is to become a lifestyle brand in the next 5-7 years. Right now timepiece development is at the forefront of our plan and we are putting our design and creativity into creating luxury, high fashion watches.