Storefront Company Extends “Experience” Menu


When it comes to Storefront Company (1941 West North Avenue), I’m sure most people are used to (at least on this site) hearing about the Discovery Dinner Series, but not this time. I have news that the restaurant has decided to change it up a little with a new prix fixe dining menu. They have taken the Kitchen Counter tasting menu and extended it to the main dining room, which will give more guests the option to taste the popular menu each evening.

“The shift is really about customer demand. The Kitchen Counter has been so successful, and such a hotspot for diners, we wanted to expand it, and roll it out across the dining room, “ said Chef Bryan Moscatello. “Our goal is to give diners the most decadent dining experience, at any seat in the house.”

The six-course “Experience” menu ($89, add another $55 for wine pairings) will be rotated monthly, but will always feature the refined farm cuisine that Chef Moscatello is known for. If six is a bit too much for you, there will also be the option of three ($65) and four ($75) course meals. As I stated before, Chef Moscatello is really into modern, fresh and seasonally inspired food, look no further than the August “Experience” menu below to see what you’re in for when you make your next reservation (773-661-2609):

Turbot | uni · melon · ramps · blooms · vinaigrette

Razor Clam | cheek · brussels · mustard · rye · smoke

Poussin | beets · lettuce · char · onion · madeira · yolk

Axis Deer | corn · cherries · anise · endive · pierogi

Canarejal | black raspberry · roasted chicory · honey

Eggplant | whole wheat · meringue · ice cream