Red Hot Bethenny Frankel Cools Off

Bethenny Frankel Shows Off Her Bikini Body


Bethenny Frankel is back in her hometown to promote her new book “Naturally Thin,” which aims to take the pressure and stress out of dieting. She hit Books & Books yesterday to host a breakfast reading, but she also got in a little “me” time at the beach in a bright red bikini before her September 9 premier of “Bethenny”, her nationally syndicated talk show.  Whatever she’s doing, it’s working.

“That is why I wrote ‘Naturally Thin,’ because I wanted to get rid of that obsessiveness, that noise and belief that on Tuesday some diet book is going to tell you to have an egg white omelet,” explains Frankel. “If you want cake on a Tuesday morning, you should have cake and then have a salad for lunch … If you really want something, you should have it.” Amen.