Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Launches ‘Inspirational Asian Fine Dining’ Concept

breakfast at tiffanys jumeirah etihad towers

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi has launched ‘Inspirational Asian Fine Dining’, a new menu and concept created by Chef Benjamin Whatt, Chef de Cuisine at Quest restaurant in Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. The multi-award winning chef and recipient of numerous awards and accolades including Chef of the Year, Abu Dhabi, 2012 by What’s On, has developed the cuisine concept revealing modern interpretations of Asian classics.

jumeirah etihad towers new asian concept

“My passion and goal is to provide true dining experiences where people feel just as they might at the end of a great play or film, concert or exhibition,” says Chef Whatt. “My dishes are a composition of drama, intrigue, comedy and fantasy on each plate, with plot and sub-plot. I want guests through my cuisine to remember what it was like to see things again through the eyes of a child, where imagination and interpretation sparkle and shine, innocence is rekindled and frolics in their minds and on their taste buds. Through my cuisine I want people to reminisce, regain a youthful outlook and feel alive.”

Notable highlights include California Maki based on the Japanese international favorite. Chef Benjamin presents the dish as an edible wafer thin card depicting am image of a maki roll. The dish doesn’t even appear as typical food, but bite into it, and all the traditional flavors of a California Maki are there, confusing one’s eyes and mind, but not the taste buds. Another notable dish is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a dessert inspired by the movie of the same name, providing an illusion of being served a sachet of muesli cereal, egg and ham croissant as well as a cup of café latte.

These enticing creative dishes also venture into the vegetarian options, which feature greatly within the new menu. “To come up with a vegetarian dish that can create the same sensation and level of satisfaction for both a meat eater and vegetarian is a serious challenge that immediately attracted me,” says Chef Whatt. “Choosing the obviously tougher option is in my nature.” Representative of one of the vegetarian dishes is Aubergine, which provides the illusion of being served charcoal over a bed of hot ash, complete with its own heat flavors. Culinary creativity at its best, this new concept deserves to be tried several times over.

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