Day in the Life: Dwyane Wade, How the NBA Champion Spends his Days

Miami Heat star and three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade is widely acknowledged as the league’s best-dressed player. So much so that Stance socks and luxury watch brand Hublot, have tapped the fashionable player to be a brand ambassador. Whether it is sweating on the court, working with his many sponsors or being a father to his three young sons, Wade is focused on being the best that he can be.


 If it’s Thursday night, I’m definitely tuned in to watch my favorite show – Scandal.

7:00AM My day usually starts off early since I have three boys and they are usually the ones to wake me up in the morning, no alarm clock needed. Around this time, my chef, Richard Ingraham, is cooking breakfast for the boys and I’ll join them for a quick bite so I can spend time with them before they head off to school. If I have a late practice or didn’t have a late game, I’ll drop them off to school myself.
9:00AM I’m headed to the American Airlines Arena for treatment with my team trainers.
10:00AM We usually have practice at 10AM and it will last about two hours. We also have a media session after practice to take questions about upcoming games.
12:30PM Sometimes, I have the luxury of heading home after practice, but most of the time, I have something to do. It might be a meeting to attend with my business manager, Lisa Joseph, a commercial or photo shoot or a meeting in my arena office with my foundation team about upcoming events. I like to be hands-on with everything that involves my name. It’s important that I’m aware of all the details.
3:00PM Time to head home to meet the boys home from school. Rich is usually preparing a snack so that gives us time to unwind from the day. That’s when I usually get the download of what happened in school that day. Sometimes, they’ll even drag me out for a quick basketball game in the driveway. Most of the time, I just referee their play. After that, it’s time for a nap!
5:00PM On any given day, I may use this time to get a massage or get an acupuncture treatment, which are a few of the ways I keep my body healthy.
6:00PM My stylist, Calyann Barnett, will stop by and discuss wardrobe for upcoming games and events. And I usually have a quick fitting for anything important coming up.
7:00PM The boys are done with homework, so it’s time to check in and see how they’re doing. It’s also time for dinner. Every now and then, I’ll step out with my lady Gabrielle Union, for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Miami.
10:00PM I’m in bed mentally preparing for the next day. If it’s Thursday night, I’m definitely tuned in to watch my favorite show – Scandal. If it’s playoff time, I’m leaving the house headed back to the arena for a quick workout. Every day is different, but I always find time at the end of the day to give thanks and be grateful for my life and my family. That’s the most important part of my day.