Adriana de Moura Poses For PETA

PETAAdriana3_small_blue water

Following in The Real Housewives of Miami castmate Joanna Krupa’s footsteps, Andriana de Moura has posed for PETA. The provocative ads feature de Moura in the buff in a bathtub, making the case for the release of of Miami Seaquarium’s orca, Lolita. The 37 year old Lolita was captured off of Puget Sound in 1970 with 58 other orcas in a brutal attack that left many whales dead. She is the last of the survivors and has spent nearly her entire life in captivity. Now, de Moura, PETA and other activists are trying to get Lolita to a whale sanctuary so she can live out her days in larger more natural surroundings than the small, blue pool she’s been living in since the early 70’s. Her aquarium in relative to a human being stuck in a bed room for their entire lives and activists want to change this. This comes at the same time as former trainer, and first time author David Kirby released his expose novel, Death at Seaworld: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity.