Theatre Aspen Rounds Out Summer Schedule

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Theatre Aspen decided to take on an epic task: the production of Les Miserables in a small, but newly renovated, park theater. Since the show’s debut in June, it’s been met with rave reviews and sold-out crowds.


But, to add to its successful run, Theatre Aspen also recently brought Fully Committed and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown to the stage. All three productions run through mid-August.

Fully Committed features one man in more than 40 different roles in 75 minutes. The slap-stick show plots him against the residents of New York City, where he works as a reservation agent in a Manhattan restaurant. Comedy between the entitled customers and this forlorn character ensue.

In You’re a Good Man, Charlie Man, the children’s play follows a single day in the life of Charlie Brown, from baseball to Valentine’s Day and all the minutiae that happens in between.

For information on all three shows, visit Theatre Aspen.