Stella McCartney collaborates with the International Trade Centre’s Ethical Fashion Initiative

Stella McCartney_AED975


American fashion designer Stella McCartney has created a range of fun hand-made recycled faux-python tote bags in collaboration with the International Trade Center’s Ethical Fashion Initiative with the aims of granting economic independence for participating artisans.



Stella McCartney_AED1700


The bags are made by hand in Kenya from printing to stitching, with production involving 160 people in poverty stricken areas. “To have the work in Kenya is important – not only to support women and give them a much-needed income, but also to encourage this line of industry for small communities,” says McCartney who passionately supports the project. It is an initiative which encourages financial independence as well as a long term opportunity for artisans who receive training and grow their skills, as Stella McCartney notes, the experience is “a two-way street – everyone feels valid.”

Stella McCartney’s recycled faux-python tote bags are available exclusively at The Dubai Mall boutique. Tel. +971 43399179.