Republican Governors Discuss Security, Partisanship

Four Republican governors convened in Aspen on Thursday to discuss relevant issues, and national security made it to the top of that list. The event, “Republican Governors on What’s Working at the State Level,” drew Chris Christie of New Jersey, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Mike Pence of Indiana and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana to the Aspen Institute campus, the Aspen Daily News reported.

The strain of libertarianism flowing through both political parties “is a very dangerous thought,” Christie said on the subject of the recently revealed National Security Agency surveillance programs. Christie argued that people who are having philosophical talks about the NSA and its role should sit down with widows and orphans of the Sept. 11 attacks. Other governors agreed it was worth having a conversation about the role of smaller government and safeguarding Americans.

All four spoke on the divisive political culture that prevents Democrats and Republicans from working together, and said that President Obama has done little to improve the situation.

“There’s an atmosphere that’s been created in both parties that discourages working across the aisle,” said Christie.